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SOMNOX helps your sleep laboratory interpret, analyze, read, and score your polysomnographic recordings and nocturnal ventilation polygraph tests.


We can also help you in the context of your scientific studies, healthcare projects, clinical sleep studies, and validation studies by making our expertise in sleep medicine available to you.


Our goal is to ensure the quality, accuracy, and reliability while meeting your criteria. Scoring will be based on the AASM guidelines that can be adjusted to meet the needs of your sleep system but also the needs of the legal framework of your country of operation.



We strive to provide the results of the recordings in soon as possible.


We also try to work in close collaboration with our clients to find the most appropriate solutions for each situation. Let us know about your needs...

Proper diagnosis ● Appropriate treatment ● Healthy sleep

Solutions for the interpretation and analysis of sleep recordings.

When ?

  • Extending your activities ?

  • Late readings ?

  • Absent personnel ?

  • Urgent readings ?

  • Whenever you want it !

How does it work ?
  • Simply ! 

  • Access the plots via remote connection.

  • Guaranteed data security.

  • Scoring of you recording.

Who performs the reading ?
  • A technologist with at least 5 years of experience in the interpretation of polysomnographic recordings.         

  • Training is a priority for Somnox.

The right techniques ● The appropriate tools ● Rapid results

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