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Security of recording data

Health data are considered as sensitive information, and therefore require high physical and technical security levels. 

Remote connection

A SOMNOX technologist connects directly to the server of your center or on the reading station.

Thanks to the remote connection, he/she can access a shared and protected list of recordings.

He/she only needs to perform scoring in the same way as if he/she was behind the screen of the station in your sleep lab.

Securing data

Your recording data remain completely safe thanks to the remote connection.

Authentication login and password is required for each connection.

No information may be entered from the outside.

Your data remains in your possession and therefore perfectly safe.

Somnox interpretation procedures

  1) Check signal quality and parameterize the self-analysis tools

  2) Check the coherence of nocturnal trends

  3) Manual interpretation and scoring

Neurological Scoring

Pneumological Scoring

Cardiological Scoring

Limb movement Scoring

     4) Send e-mail with important screenshots to doctors

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