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Manual polysomnographic scoring services
Etude du sommeil

Scoring sleep studies is essential; it makes up an important part of diagnostic procedures for sleep disorders. This exercise is often time-consuming and requires and a high level of expertise on behalf of the scorer to be performed correctly.


That’s why we provide ongoing training for our technologists on the latest scoring and recording techniques.


Considering the many constants, which may be confusing, the PSG reports generated through computer and auto-analysis only produce many errors and can lead to incorrect diagnosis of the disease.

In the recommendations from the AASM (American Academy of Sleep Medicine) and the SFRMS (Sociéte Francaise de Recherche en Médecine du Sommeil), manual scoring by qualified personnel has been emphasized.

SCORING : Diagnostic polysomnography

- Detection of sleep disorders
- Detection of nocturnal ventilation disorders : OAS, OHS,
  SCA, UARS, Cheyne-Stokes (RCS), ...
- Detection of behavior disorders with video 
- Detection of behavior disorders and limb movements : PLM, ...
- Multiple sleep latency test : MSLT
- Maintenance of wakefulness tests : MWT
- Additional signals or special additional traces : PTT, PenaVox,  
  Jawac, ...

SCORING : Therapeutic control polysomnography

- Treatments and drugs therapies
- Positive pressure equipment : CPAP, BiPAP, ASV, ...
- Therapy involving mandibular advancement splint : MMA
- Positional therapy : nightbalance, position
- Stimulation therapy : hypoglossal nerve, phrenic nerve
- Palatine expansion therapy : maxillary surgery
- Additional signals or special additional traces :
  information from machines, pressures, leaks, flow rates, ...

Medico-technical consulting services

Somnox consulting

         Recording techniques

        Therapy techniques


The consultant is a consulting service provider.

Would you like to buy new equipment for your laboratory, develop a new activity ?

Do not hesitate to contact us before making your important choice.

Somnox outsourcing


Outsourcing (externalization) to improve your efficiency and reduce your costs.

With increasing development and current operating costs, opening and managing a profitable sleep laboratory center can be a real challenge.

To open your sleep center quickly with minimal startup costs and a higher chance of profitability, consider business process outsourcing. With SOMNOX, your scoring needs are addressed. You can then focus on patient care.

Our services also include business planning, site selection, development of the sleep laboratory, the choice of equipment, billing and collection, rating results, marketing, patient consulting / home care prescription, hiring and training staff.

In a nutshell, all you need to build a larger and more successful sleep center without having to hire additional personnel and without significant professional expenses.

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