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CHEST CONGRESS - Basel (Switzerland)

7-9 June 2017

Program Highlights

  • more than 140 faculty members from Europe and US

  • from clinicians for clinicians - emphasis on clinical aspects of diagnosis and treatment and the most up-dated results of clinical trials playing a role in clinical decision making

  • broad coverage of all aspects of respiratory medicine

  • interactive sessions, plenary discussions, critical appraisals on controversial topics, year in review and news - go beyond the discussion on the published literature - what I need to know to better treat my patient in a nut-shell

  • benefit from the established simulation concept from CHEST - hands-on and simulation experiences in lung function techniques including bodyplethysmography, N2 washout techniques, respiratory physiotherapy, as well as interventional pneumology including bronchoscopy with BAL/TBB, EBUS, ELVR with coils and valves, management of bleeding, chest tube placement. Get the tools in your hands - practical experience makes the difference!

  • enjoy the appealing environment suitable for net-working and experience exchange - small rooms, short distances, seating options

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