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LISBON SLEEP SUMMIT - Sleep in Women - PORTUGAL - 16-19 mai 2018

Lisbon Sleep Summit - Lisbon, Portugal - 16-19th may 2018

The female gender has a specific complexity due to the corresponding hormonol and life cycles. As a direct result, the gender differences concerning females, in humans and animals, are insufficiently known. The present social and cultural challenges faced by women further potentiate the negative impact upon their sleep.


– To improve the knowledge concerning female sleep, while discussing and analysing the corresponding problems.

– To evaluate the influence of biologic, societal, cultural and lifestyles upon women sleep at all ages.

– To evaluate and discuss gender differences within the scope of Sleep Medicine and beyond.

– To involve clinicians, scientists, citizens, public and private entities in the discussion and solution of the main deleterious issues.

Registration until the 30th April.



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