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Bientôt - SLEEP MEDECINE summer school - du 1er au 5 juillet 2019 - Lugano - SUISSE

Du 1er au 6 juillet 2019 - ESF - Via Buffi 13 Lugano, Ticino Switzerland

The event will take place in Lugano at the Università della Svizzera italiana from July 1st to July 5th 2019. The Sleep Medicine Summer School is part of the Academy of Sleep and Consciousness (ASC) founded from a joint effort of the University of Bern and the Università della Svizzera italiana. The academic mission of the school is to provide a highquality postgraduate educational curse in sleep and consciousness. The Sleep Medicine Summer School is one of the module of the ASC educational program with a strong focus on clinics and basic research. This year the Sleep Medicine Summer School will offer an intense scientific program on the topics of sleep, wakefulness, consciousness, chronobiology, sleep and cognition, insomnia, circadian disorders, hypersomnia, disorders of consciousness, sleep and neurologic disorders, parasomnias, sleep and epilepsy, movement disorders, sleep breathing disorders. Each module will include regular lessons, keynote lectures, case discussions and practical exercitation. Highlights of the Summer School are the keynotes on Neuroimaging of the sleeping brain, Sleep, insomnia and mental health, Genetics of neurological sleep disorders, REM Behavior Disorder, Biomarkers in sleep apnoea given by five scientists with an internationally respected reputation in their field of expertise


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