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SOON - 4th EADSM virtual - November 26 & 27 2021

The 4th Congress of the Society of Dental Sleep Medicine has to be planned virtually due to the uncertainty and insecurity of doing it in person. Whatever happens with this Pandemic, we will be able to hold the congress on November 26 and 27.

This year and as a novelty, we will plan it together with the European Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (EADSM). The program consists of conferences, practical workshops, poster presentation and commercial exhibition. The cast of international, world-class and world-renowned speakers.

Both the conferences and the workshops have been grouped into 3 groups, diagnosis, control and resolution, and the congress page can be accessed for 1 month, in order to complete all the workshops.

The online commercial exhibition consists of areas where you can show the products, offers and videos, of the sponsors who reserve your site.

The sponsored award for the best poster communications is also very interesting. I encourage you to present your research papers.

Every year we pay tribute to a doctor of recognized prestige related to dental sleep medicine. This year we have the honor of giving it to Dr. José Duran von Arx for his career and great contribution to SEMDeS.

If you want to experience dentistry from a different point of view, closer to medicine, where you can prevent both in children and adults and it will clarify many aspects that are still confused. Don’t hesitate.



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