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SOON : International Surgical Sleep Society Annual Meeting - 8-10 September 2022 - Philadelphia (U

The ISSS holds international scientific meetings that enable surgeons from around the world to discuss advances in sleep surgery and to share their research findings. These meetings have provided the foundation for ongoing ISSS research initiatives that will help patients with snoring or obstructive sleep apnea and the surgeons who care for them.

The International Surgical Sleep Society is dedicated to the education and study of sleep medicine. The ISSS maintains the following objectives:

  1. to educate its members in the surgical treatment of sleep disorders;

  2. to educate the public on the surgical treatment of sleep disorders;

  3. to hold regular meetings of sleep surgeons to share experiences, promote cooperation, and facilitate research on the diagnosis and surgical treatment of sleep disorders;

  4. to educate other medical specialties about the surgical treatment of sleep disorders; and

  5. to promote research on the surgical treatment of sleep disorders.

We are restarting the annual ISSS meeting in Philidelphia. Due to COVID and potential international travel restrictions this will be a hybrid event. Those who cannot make it will have access to live streaming and review of presentations after the event.


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