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Our Company


SOMNOX is a Belgian company, a service provider in the field of sleep medicine.


We supply various solutions to sleep centers in order to perform the scoring (interpretation) of polysomnographic and polygraph readings.


The scoring of sleep studies is essential !

It is performed exclusively by a SOMNOX technologist with at least 5 years of experience in the interpretation of polysomnographic signals and solid basic training.


Our objective is also to work in close collaboration with our clients in order to find the most appropriate solutions for each situation.

Our vision

We understand that each sleep laboratory is different. That’s why our technologists have a vast experience with the equipment and knowledge on more than 14 sleep-related software technologies.


When you need a precise interpretation (scoring) by technologists with years of experience, we can guarantee an answer to your request within 48h. 


We strive to always work with the highest quality standards of the sleep industry. We are in contact with PSG hardware and software companies. Many of them have helped us and continue to help us achieve this level of excellence.


Communication extends of course to health care providers and therapeutic actors in the field of sleep disorders.


This know-how in the domain of sleep translates concretely into the quality and the communication of accurate data.

At your service

Our purpose is to answer the needs of sleep laboratories and to support them by supplying sleep analysis services at the right and opportune time, for a growing number of patients.



Our mission is to improve and contribute to the development of the quality of healthcare in the field of sleep medicine by supplying top quality services and by privileging the human behind the machine. Through these analyses, sleep disorder laboratories can see their profitability increase.



SOMNOX makes its services and expertise available to major hospitals, private sleep laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, universities and research institutions, as well as home care organizations.

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